Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting a bit upset with Ryan

The drywall hanging was completed last Thursday.. Since then the finishers have been there twice!!! The house next to us which is supposed to close a week after us has had finishers there the last three days and has since gotten closer to completion than ours. My PM is on vacation this week and I am going to call Ryan today and find out why we have been put on the back burner. All of this after having to point out SEVERAL issues with the drywall hanging and taking a closer look at the taping that has been done there are a ton of mistakes there as well.

Sorry had to vent so I figured this would be a good place to do so.. not a good Friday!


  1. We had a few times where we fell behind other houses that were scheduled for completion later than us. It all worked out as those houses all seemed to have something missing that held them up.

    Our drywall crew looks to have done a fantastic job. I'm sorry your crew isn't living up to what we'd all expect!!

    Our painters don't seem to be great, though. I have a growing list of all of their necessary fixes...

  2. Thanks for the info William. I was in commercial construction for about 12 years so I have been very vigilant about checking on their work as they go. I am doing my best to mitigate any punch-list at the end.
    On a side note are you a Snos dealer? I need to get 6 connects..

    1. Unfortunately I am not a dealer for Sonos. They require a direct relationship and a pretty hefty annual purchase agreement.

      The best I have found is when Amazon or Best Buy sell them and include a gift card or a pair of speakers.