Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting there

Here are a few Pics of recent progress.
There are tons of drywall issues holding things back supposedly they are going to be corrected today and tomorrow. My fingers are crossed. We are locked in to close on the 3rd of September' I am really hoping they are done by then..
Stone was supposed to start last Friday... nothing yet.. Flooring and finish electrical are supposed to happen this week. Plumbing finish next week, Final grade Driveway and sidewalks then hopefully everything stays on schedule from here out.
Siding complete just waiting on stone

Railings and trim are installed they stained the railing yesterday it looks great!

Cabinets are installed hopefully they will get the counter tops in next week

All of the speakers are installed

Components in the rack and tested..

Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting a bit upset with Ryan

The drywall hanging was completed last Thursday.. Since then the finishers have been there twice!!! The house next to us which is supposed to close a week after us has had finishers there the last three days and has since gotten closer to completion than ours. My PM is on vacation this week and I am going to call Ryan today and find out why we have been put on the back burner. All of this after having to point out SEVERAL issues with the drywall hanging and taking a closer look at the taping that has been done there are a ton of mistakes there as well.

Sorry had to vent so I figured this would be a good place to do so.. not a good Friday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Long overdue update

A lot has gone on since my last post:
Framing done
Rough Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Prewire for network and distributed audio.
Drywall, garage door, Roof, Concrete in garage, and drywall finishing started..
Siding is slated for next week.
Following are random pics of the progress..


Garage poured

24 space in-wall rack
The new home for all of my audio toys!!



Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lots of Pics

These aren't in any particular order but lots of progress this week
about to set the first truss
2nd floor bonus room into finished storage
Hallway to bedrooms

Bonus Room
Through the wall to 2nd bedroom
Hall again
from bonus room through master 
Bonus room again
They installed the Panel today too
Front Entry
Dining room from entry
Family room to morning room
Dining room / entry
Kitchen morning room
Kitchen to Family Room
Morning room